I was just thinking

Its not just the way you run your fingers through you hair,
or mine for that matter.
Your cutsie kitten eyes are not the only thing that makes my heart melt
but they are apart of the equation.
Its not just the look you give me as I’m laughing my hardest
or the crazy jokes that made me laugh in the first place.
The way you pick me up and twirl me around
is not the only way you uplift me.

I was just thinking.
Thinking of all the ways you have brought me to be here with you, three years down the road.
Three years of laughter,
Three years of growth,
Three years of love that I never knew existed,
or that could happen to me.

You see, when you hug me,
It feels like home.
And you know what they say about home?
“Home is where the heart is”
And with you, it’s true.

Its the way you pull me in, and
sneak a kiss.
Its the way you can tell what I’m thinking,
without even asking.
Its the way you show me how to love.
How to be confident in what I believe in.
How to be confident in myself.

You see, I was just
And thanking.
Thanking our God, SO incredibly much,
for giving me the man that I could only dream of.
For giving me a man that I can trust with anything,
a man that always takes care of me with his gentle and loving heart.

And thinking.
Thinking of all of the ways you love me,
and all of the reasons I love you.
And I’ve come to a conclusion.
e n d l e s s .


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