Tough, but fresh.

” You’re beautiful from head to toe, my dear love,

beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless. ”

Song of Songs 4:7

I found this verse today, and it impacted my heart in a huge way. These past 14 days have been a lot harder than I thought they would be. I usually don’t wear very much makeup. Only to cover zits and make me look a bit more awake with some mascara. But going out in the evenings I feel as though I look like crap. And here I was, trying to tell other girls they should “Believe that they are truly beautiful”. Well, lately I haven’t been feeling so beautiful, and how pathetic is it that I can preach it, but I cant take it. It has only hit me these past few days, that I believe this is God giving me a little nudge into what I am trying to do. Uplift. But the first step is finding my  t r u e  b e a u t y  in  H I M . Completely and entirely in him. Not in the worldly things, like makeup, but in H I M . I must search for him daily, and pursue him. I want Proverbs 31:30 to be the way I live my life!

No Makeup November has been a surprisingly difficult 14 days so far, but I can feel that I am truly learning to grow as a daughter in Christ as I give him a part of me that I have been controlling for years. Is there any No makeup November girls out there reading this? You are not alone.   :]