Hum Deedle Dee..

Living in the now can be harder than you think. At least it is for me. My mind tends to get away from me, especially while doing homework. I begin to dream, and imagine where i’ll be in a year from now. But what I am beginning to realize, is that God wants you to live for today. Keep your mind on the present, not stuck in the past, or wishing for the future. God wants to use me TODAY. And if my head is focused on things that aren’t even going on right now, how can he use me? Just a thought that crossed my mind today.


Tough, but fresh.

” You’re beautiful from head to toe, my dear love,

beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless. ”

Song of Songs 4:7

I found this verse today, and it impacted my heart in a huge way. These past 14 days have been a lot harder than I thought they would be. I usually don’t wear very much makeup. Only to cover zits and make me look a bit more awake with some mascara. But going out in the evenings I feel as though I look like crap. And here I was, trying to tell other girls they should “Believe that they are truly beautiful”. Well, lately I haven’t been feeling so beautiful, and how pathetic is it that I can preach it, but I cant take it. It has only hit me these past few days, that I believe this is God giving me a little nudge into what I am trying to do. Uplift. But the first step is finding my  t r u e  b e a u t y  in  H I M . Completely and entirely in him. Not in the worldly things, like makeup, but in H I M . I must search for him daily, and pursue him. I want Proverbs 31:30 to be the way I live my life!

No Makeup November has been a surprisingly difficult 14 days so far, but I can feel that I am truly learning to grow as a daughter in Christ as I give him a part of me that I have been controlling for years. Is there any No makeup November girls out there reading this? You are not alone.   :]

Small act, Big blessing

I learnt a few days ago that leaving a small encouragement note actually does make a difference in someone’s day.

I live in a dorm full of girls, and love every minute of it. The other day, I noticed that one girl in my dorm was having a rough day, so I snuck into her room while she was in class and left a note saying “You are God’s Princess”. I thought I felt God put it on my heart to do this, but afterwards, I didn’t think much of it.

Before going to bed, as I did my ritual facebook/instagram check, I stumbled across a status that brought me to tears. The girl I had given the encouragement card too, (namelessly) had put a status up saying how incredibly appreciative she was of this note, and how it turned her whole day and attitude around. She said it truly did make her feel better about herself, and the situation she was in.

And for the first time, I finally felt like God really could use you for every gift that you have.

Movember? pft. Try no make-up November!

Movember? pft. Try no make-up November!

This month, go without make-up to see the way our amazing God see’s you!

This world is bombarding us with make-up products, and how we “should” look, and it tells us what they think is true “beauty”. Lets take a stand to all of this money grabbing that is affecting the way we view ourselves, and show Gods true beauty in leaving our faces the way he meant for them to be.

My personal experience so far has been a positive, and uplifting one. I usually put on make up to cover zits, or imperfections, and I put on mascara to look awake. This month I am saying “Who cares!” to that and going el natural. Join me in this movement. Its not to late!